Sunday, September 18, 2011

First of all i wanna say..Im sorry if i do neything wrong. I noe sumtime i might make peole feel angry, unsatisfy, or annoying with me. IM sooo SORRY. Obviously, SOORY seem to be the HARDEST word.

Pagi nie..dengan dibangunkan natural alarm clock..oh, it is actually not natural because the sound coming from our neighbour who always2 cook2 every day, saya lantas membuka FB rather than gi toilet, saket perot aduhhh.....

Pastue saya buka home. Im a stalker, ok! dat soo bad~~~ not a stalker, mengambil berat, ok! I read one status. It from sumeone who really2 related with me, literally.

that person did not satisfied with sumeone. It is not bout me but tak patot. If anak kepada org tue baca...mmg konpem boleh perang dunia ke3. If I telll them...pon perang gk. I just hope that status wont be noe by them. It  is really a family matter. I want everyone in my big2 family, relatives to be happy ever after. hurmm..

soo..reminder for me and you. If  de pape, direct jer. Jgn letak kt status. Boleh jadi misunderstood. Benda kecik sebesar zarah boleh jadi besar sekecik gajah. haa??? hihi.

Alamak....I pon expose gk, I pon x puas hati gk, I pon x ptot gk. SORRY.