Thursday, October 17, 2013

It happened soo suddenly, I can open my blog from others' link. (Cant explain how..magic! Because actually, I forgot my password, ok). And I continue click on post and keep writing. Yeah, Im doing it now. With no purpose, with no story. Just keep writing. I thought maybe I need to get active back in the blog's world.. padahal pasif jer before nie, nonsense. ( see, now the blog's world become soo dull, right... soo perfect time to me because im pretty sure less people will read, will bother. soo,... hah, x tahu nak cakap ape lgi). Hurm... enough for now, I will update soon. (cakap dengan diri sendiri..yeah, husna). In shaa Allah, Jika di izinkanNya, sebab semua yg berlaku atas izinNya. Semua, Semua!